General Terms

1) iNet Walk provides VoIP Services.

2) All voice services are exclusively served through IP Protocol.

Price List

The way of charging the user’s account is per second from the first second. Prices are in Euros and include VAT.

iNet Walk reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.

Privacy Policy

The access details of iNet Walk VoIP services, whether selected by you or by the iNet Walk outlets, are strictly personal. INet Walk commits to protect and use appropriately the personal information (“personal data”) collected either online from this site or through communication / collaboration with each third party.As part of the registration process, we collect and process the following data:

Required information:

INet Walk collects only the personal data provided voluntarily by you, our web visitors, to meet your requests, to be able to provide you with information about our products and services and to serve you in the best possible way . Where additional, optional information is sought, you will be notified at the time of collection.


1. Collection and purposes of using personal data
Personal data can only be downloaded if you voluntarily choose to provide it – for example, if you contact email or register as a customer of iNet Walk products and services. Use of the services provided by, including and the iNet Walk VoIP service requires the ability to communicate with you. Therefore, it is essential when registering to the website to provide the true personal data that will be requested to you, as specified above.

By registering to the services provided by you also consent to the storage and use of your personal data in accordance with this Statement. We may process your personal data in order to provide personalized services under the law (Article 6 (1b) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679). Your personal data is not used for purposes other than those described in the Declaration unless we obtain your prior permission or unless this is required or permitted by law.

The purpose of collecting, using and processing your personal data is (a) to provide the services and products you request via the website for the use and / or processing of which you require; (b) to promote products and services provided by iNet Walk in particular through; (c) providing personalized services for the convenience of the user and / or ensuring that the content of the site is presented in the most efficient way for you and your computer.

INet Walk collects “sensitive” personal data only when you voluntarily offer us this data or when such data is required or is collected by law. We advise you to abstain from providing sensitive data unless this is required for the purpose of providing personal data, or if through this you consent to the use of this data by iNet Walk for its purposes.

INet Walk may ask you to provide it with some personal data to send product and service announcement messages and / or related offers and announcements. INet Walks may also request your permission for certain uses of your personal data and you may either consent or deny these uses. If you want specific services or communications, such as an electronic newsletter, you will be able to unsubscribe from the relevant recipients list at any time by following the instructions contained in each communication. If you decide to unsubscribe from a service or communication, we will try to delete your data as soon as possible, although we may need some time and / or information before we can process your request.

2. Access to Personal Data and Rights

If you wish, you may request at any time that your personal data held by iNet Walk, its recipients, the purpose of keeping and processing, as well as modifying, correcting or deleting them, is sent to you by sending an e-mail at from the email address you have provided, enclosing a copy of your identity card. You also have the right to review your personal data and, in general, to exercise any right under the law to protect personal data.

The personal data you disclose to iNet Walk via, either on registration or at a later stage, is collected and is used and processed in accordance with the applicable personal data protection provisions. according to the provisions of Law 2472/1997 and Law 3471/2006, as well as the new European General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 as well as the Directive 95/46 / EC protection of personal data.

You retain the following rights in detail:

Right to know about your personal data: Upon your request, we will provide you with information about the personal data we hold for you.

Right to correct and complete your personal information: If you notify us in this regard, we will correct any inaccurate personal information you may have. We will fill in incomplete data provided you notify us, provided that such data is necessary for the purpose of processing your data.

Right to delete your personal data: At your request, we will delete the personal data we hold for you. However, some data will only be deleted after a specified hold period, for example because in some cases we are legally required to retain the data, or because the data is required to fulfill our contractual obligations vis-à-vis you.

Right to block your personal data: In some cases provided by law, we will block your data if you ask us to do so. Further processing of blocked data occurs only to a very limited extent.
Right to withdraw your consent: You may at any time revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data in the future. The lawfulness of your data processing remains unaffected by this action, to the point where your consent is withdrawn.
Your right to object to the processing of your data: You may at any time object to the processing of your personal data in the future if we process your data on the basis of one of the legal grounds provided for in Article 6 (1e or 1f ) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. If you submit objections, we will stop processing your data, provided that there are no legitimate reasons for further processing. Processing your data for advertising purposes is not a legitimate reason.

3. Transmission of Personal Data iNet Walk does not share or transmit personal data to third parties unless this is required for legitimate business purposes and business needs in order to meet your requests and / or as required or permitted by law. In any case, access to your personal data is only permitted to authorized persons required to access in order to be able to accomplish the purposes of collection, use and processing as disclosed in this Statement. In some cases, iNet Walk may share your personal information with various companies or service providers that partner with it in order to respond to your requests or to natural or legal persons entrusted with the execution processing, provided they will notify you in advance and we will receive your prior consent. People who have access to the data are required to keep the data confidential.

INet Walk reserves the right to use the information you provide to it via in such a way that it is not possible to identify or disclose the person concerned for statistical, promotional, investigative or advertising purposes, disclosing them to third parties eg. research firms responsible for the achievement of the above objectives.

INet Walk may transfer certain personal data outside of a geographical boundary to other companies that partner with it and / or store personal data in a jurisdiction other than that in which you are located. By providing their personal data via the internet, visitors consent to this transfer and / or the storage of their personal data abroad.

4. Security of Personal Data

INet Walk applies specific technical and organizational security procedures to protect personal data and information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. Our partners who support us in the operation of this website also comply with these provisions.

INet Walk makes every reasonable effort to keep personal data collected only for the time it takes for the purpose for which it was collected or until requested to be deleted (if this occurs earlier) unless it continues to observe them as provided in the applicable legislation.

5. Revisions of the Statement

INet Walk reserves the right to modify or periodically revise this Statement in its sole discretion. If changes are made, iNet Walk will record the date of change or revision in this Statement and the updated Statement will apply to you from that date. We encourage you to periodically review this Statement to consider whether there are any changes to the way we manage your personal data. This Statement was last updated on May 16, 2018.

Cookies Policy

This policy explains how iNet Walk uses Cookies while browsing By accepting this Policy you confirm that you have accepted and have been informed about the use of our Cookies in your browser

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files composed of texts and numbers stored in the browser you are using (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer) that contain information that allows the website to memorize the important information that will make the use of more effective and useful to you. Cookies allow us to recognize your device and enable specific information to make your navigation easier, such as the store that serves you. Cookies help keep your personal settings and help us shape our site accordingly.

Can I decline the use of Cookies?

You can choose to disable cookies through your browser settings as well as delete all newly saved cookies in your browser. You can find more instructions by clicking Help in the browser menu. However, you should know that disabling cookies from your browser may not allow you to take full advantage of the site and some of the features of the site may not work as they should as they basically function in cookies

Use Cookies from

At we use cookies, but we do not collect, process or store personal data from its use. We use cookie technology and IP addresses to receive non-personal data from our visitors and to offer our registered visitors the best personalized online experience. By browsing our site, we gather simple identification and measurement information, such as how many users have visited specific sites on our site. Using cookies does not harm your computer or mobile device in any way. Cookies can also be used for repetitive online marketing.

Original Manufacturer Cookies

Original Manufacturer cookies are cookies using either or third parties using our site domain. For example, uses cookies from Google Analytics

Third Party Cookies

We may process data in this technological framework under the law (Article 6 (1f) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679). We store this data until the cookie expires or you delete it.

iNet Walk takes all appropriate measures to secure the confidentiality of your communications and protection of your Personal Data that you provide during registration , in accordance with relevant legislation . The iNet Walk does not control and can not access the content of communications occurring through its services. The content of the communication is entirely the responsibility of the user .

iNet Walk does not guarantee the security of data transmitted over networks , to the extent that such protection is not achieved by taking appropriate security measures imposed by the legislation .

iNet Walk has no responsibility for:

  • the authenticity , accuracy , confidentiality , fair or unfair nature of the data you receive or send to others or store your access to services ,
  • any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential , or non- physical injury may incur from using the services of iNet Walk,
  • for any disputes arising between users of iNet Walk or between you and any third party due to messages, data , or information moving through the services of iNet Walk.

Force Majeure

iNet Walk is not responsible for any interruption, delay or deterioration in the quality of services for reasons , the occurrence of which can not be checked , because that force majeure . As force majeure referred to but not limited wars ( declared or not), strikes , accidents , fires , floods , storms , earthquakes or other natural disasters , acts of terrorism , sabotage , governmental restrictions , acts of Greek or EU or other authorities , embargo interruption or failure in the fixed public telecommunications network or telecommunication networks of third parties, judgments , orders prosecutors , etc.

Termination of Services

iNet Walk reserves the right to suspend part or all of the services we offer if:

  • It has been found fraud .
  • The use of the service is malicious or unlawful purpose .
  • Violated the terms of the company.